Jolly Hearts always

The happy little plates that set me out on this uncommon adventure!


Rose gold and emerald put a new twist on classic black and white 

Our Jolly Hearts Set comes complete with:

  • Emerald Green Chargers

  • Ivory stoneware dinner plates

  • Jolly hearts salad plates

  • 5 piece rose gold flatware

  • Charcoal grey goblets

  • Charcoal grey wine glasses

  • Ivory shimmer napkins

  • Matte black taper holders

  • Rose gold taper holders

  • small Glass taper holders

  • Assorted Taper Candles

  • Baby pinecone sprays

  • Delivery to your Home or venue

  • Setup instructions and Photos :)

  • Pickup from your home or Venue

  • Cleanup is on us!

Pricing: $15.00 per person