Photo By: Allison Mayer

Photo By: Allison Mayer


Hi! I’m Brooke, creator behind this concept that will help you entertain beautifully without all the stress that comes with being a fabulous hostess!

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Uncommonly Styled grew out of my personal passion for entertaining, shopping for (my husband will say hoarding) entertaining pieces, and wanting everyone to love entertaining as much as i do! 

Gathering friends and family around delicious food and of course unique, eclectic decor has always been what makes my heart most happy. I love my people, and I love when my people are together.

So many friends have shared that they'd love to entertain more if only it wasn't so much work to prepare, took so much space to store things and of course didn't cost so much to change your style from one gathering to the next. Perfect solution? we'll do the work, you can just borrow it alL.

and just like that...... uncommonly styled happened


Let us help you create unforgettable memories with the people you love most - without all the stress! 


How exactly can we help?

  • Borrow A House Tablescape for 4-25 people

  • Party Extras Including Appetizer Sets, Cocktail Essentials and Finishing touches 

  • Custom Styling - We'll design around an existing piece. We Love to get creative for larger gatherings and if you Insist, we'll happily design For Purchase 

  • if you don't see what you need....ask us!


Setting up at Indy Style!

Setting up at Indy Style!